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Feel the Sacred Tremor Awaken within you.

DE-stress, recharge.

Tantric Massage, Tantra Retreat.

At last at my Tantra 5 star service spoil yourself with undivided attention, guided by experience and dedication to excellence. Imagine floating unraveling every cell of your body in experienced hands that nurture you, relieve aches pains stress with Tantric massage taking you to the excitement, that shivering delight, as described in Daniel Odier's book that you can find a link to on my site.
Hear a clients experience on my website he wished to share in the MP3 recordings as they describe what they are feeling in they body at that time. We so disconnected from our Spirit that we are seduced by temporary distraction.

Here I can provide you access to your primal deeply fulfilling and satisfying pleasures that the indigenous cultures have enjoyed for centuries.

When you feel your entire body as the Linga is where your pulse connection begins


Imagine feelings of Real Tantra Sensations I do mean Real Tantra, please take the time to get to know the difference.

 I'll introduce you to them.

  • The textures of Tantra feelings
  • The flavours of Tantra feeling
  • The odours of Tantra feelings
  • The sensations of the pulse

All through Massage. As I caress away every ache and pain, till your entire body is filled with your own sexual energy.

As I massage your arms legs the entire torso, face and head, allowing your body to receive the pleasure preparing you to immerse yourself in ecstasy of non resistance.
Through my touch and guidance I'll assist you in finding this feeling.

Pleasures beyond your wildest dreams awaits inside this Tantra Temple of enjoy.

Within a few minutes of placing my hands on your body, they evoke intense sensual emotions, and richness of surrender to your sensual pleasures taking you  into deep rhythms of pleasurable waves (never before accessed).
These rhythms pulsate throughout your entire body, as your body vibrates, it releases the sediment that has been in the way of your pleasures, this releases every ache and pain in your body,

Tantra orgasm for a man and woman is an internal one referred to as Universal orgasm that can go on for hours.

This is a healing regenerative energy that is awakened within your body more

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